Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community

The Rigpa community is committed to the highest standards of care and ethical conduct, and expects its members to abide by the Rigpa Code of Conduct and the laws and regulations of their particular country.

In 2017-18, the international Rigpa community took part in a series of workshops and discussions, and was able to submit feedback on a number of areas. Their combined input was distilled into the following set of Shared Values and Guidelines, which are all anchored in the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist path.

These Shared Values and Guidelines apply to the Rigpa community at large, and include Rigpa members and anyone with a role in the activities associated with Rigpa—such as employees, contractors, volunteers, instructors, teachers and visiting teachers from other organisations.

The Shared Values and Guidelines inform, but do not override the Code of Conduct. This document includes 1) general guidelines for the whole Rigpa community, 2) specific guidelines for those representing Rigpa, and 3) guidelines specific to instructors, to teachers and to boards and management teams.

Rigpa UK also has its own safeguarding framework and policies which set out how to raise safeguarding concerns to our Safeguarding Team at [email protected].

Besides these guidelines, practitioners are naturally encouraged to honour the Buddhist vows they may have taken, whether vows of individual liberation, Bodhisattva precepts or Vajrayana commitments.