A graduated path of Study

Our courses and programmes are designed to help people meet the challenges of everyday life. We introduce thousands of people every year to simple meditation techniques and methods for training in compassion, which have been developed over centuries and are easy to apply. In addition, we also offer an authentic programme of study and practice in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Starting Out

For those new to meditation we offer these foundation courses which give a thorough grounding in meditation and also give a general introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. These courses introduce meditation practices from the Buddhist tradition but are conducted in a spirit of open inquiry and so are relevant for those of any spiritual tradition or none.

Deepening the Path

We also offer a complete and graduated training in the Buddhist teachings and practice. The ultimate goal is to guide and support students so they can receive the highest teachings in the Tibetan tradition, the teachings of Dzogchen, that lead to the direct realisation of enlightenment. For students who wish to follow a spiritual path, we offer the Sangha Programme, which is open to those students who have completed a year of the Public Programme.