Introduction to Meditation

Meditation can be described as a process of getting to know our own mind, or coming to understand and work with the mind.

Although it can be presented as a subject that is vast and extremely profound, the basics of meditation are actually very simple. Anyone can meditate, and you can do it almost anywhere and at any time.

With meditation practice, the environment of our mind and heart transforms, and we can find contentment and happiness. Scientific research has also revealed that meditation brings a range of benefits for our health, and can help with anxiety, stress and depression.

As we gradually integrate meditation into our everyday life, there builds in us a simplicity, stability and confidence with which we can meet life and the complexity of the world with composure, compassion, ease and humour.

Get Started

Whether you are brand new to Meditation, or are already quite experienced, you can take part in and benefit from our range of meditation offerings:

  • Drop In sessions

Regular sessions to come and sit in the atmosphere of an authentic shrine and settle your mind. By donation and open to all.

Follow a series of courses exploring meditation in depth. Led by experienced meditators, combining practice, discussion, study & guidance