Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community

Working for the Welfare of All

At the heart of everything we do lies bodhichitta: the compassionate wish and commitment to bring ourselves and others to complete awakening—a state of lasting peace and happiness, and freedom from all suffering.

This we do by training the mind in love and compassion, by understanding our common humanity, putting ourselves in other people’s place and minimizing self-centredness.

This means:

  • Always keeping in mind this common purpose, in all our interactions, we relate to other people with respect, friendliness and kindness. We make an effort to benefit others.
  • We strive to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, where every individual feels valued, has a way to participate, and feels a sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare.
  • Whatever happens in life, whether happiness or misfortune, we seek to transform it into the path toward awakening and into an opportunity for deepening compassion, for ourselves and others.
  • In recognition of the fundamental goodness of all beings, we treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect. This means being patient, courteous and encouraging with others who make suggestions or express viewpoints other than our own.
  • We care for our community, and we support each other on the path, and in our study and practice of the Buddhist teachings.