Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community

For those representing Rigpa at every level

In addition, while representing Rigpa, in any position, we are representing the Dharma, and we not only avoid acting unethically, but also avoid any suspicion or appearance of misconduct.

That means we will avoid:

  • Soliciting sponsorship or accepting gifts and hospitality inappropriately.
  • Acting in order to gain financial or other material benefits.
  • Concealing any conflicts of interest, which we need to declare.
  • Misrepresenting our qualifications or position, or taking advantage of others because of our role and any authority it entails. This includes, for example, never entering into an intimate relationship with a participant during an event, retreat, course, or any situation during which we are perceived to be in a position of authority or power. In other circumstances, any intimate relationships are expected to be based on mutual respect and openly acknowledged, meaning non-secretive.

We will also:

  • Be accountable for our decisions and actions to the Rigpa Vision Board, to the National Team, and to Rigpa students, in accordance with the processes established.
  • Swiftly and carefully bring any conflict we may have with Rigpa’s vision and mission to our national team.