Grievance Procedure

We are committed to creating a culture where every person feels confident and empowered to give feedback, express their concerns and report unethical behaviour.

Grievance Processes in Rigpa

Procedures for Raising Concerns, Resolving Difficulties or Grievances

Past Grievances

If you, or someone you are in contact with, need support about their past relationship with Sogyal Rinpoche and Rigpa, the following avenues are available to you:

  • The Restorative Process is a neutral space where you can access support. This process continues to be open. Anyone who has already been in contact with Martina Jordan and who now wishes to proceed to a restorative meeting or communication with Rigpa, should contact Martina at [email protected] by 31 October 2021. Anyone else who would like to consider a restorative meeting or action with Rigpa should contact Tim Chapman at [email protected]. There is no deadline for this option.
  • The Grievance Councils are set up to allow anyone who has difficulties with Rigpa to raise concerns, resolve difficulties or register a complaint or grievance. You can also ask for a restorative action in this context. They exist in each country where there are Rigpa centres, contact details for which can be found here.
  • Rigpa UK’s Grievance Council can be reached via [email protected]. Please read further information on the process and procedure followed in Rigpa UK on pages 2, 3 and 4 below.
  • Rigpa UK’s Safeguarding Team can also be reached via [email protected] if you wish to raise concerns about abuse or suspected abuse in Rigpa UK, whether this relates to historical incidents or new incidents, please get in touch with our team who will support you to make a complaint and access support.
  • If you feel you cannot speak to someone in Rigpa UK or Rigpa about your concerns, you can also contact the International Grievance Council which is independent from Rigpa and brings recommendations to Rigpa boards that they have committed to follow up on.
  • Alternatively, you can access this list of External Helplines for Survivors of Historical Abuse in the UK