Shared Values and Guidelines of the Rigpa Community

For Rigpa Teachers

This section is specific to qualified Vajrayana and Dzogchen masters.
In the case of qualified Vajrayana and Dzogchen masters, there are requirements and commitments specific to the Tantras, and based entirely on bodhichitta, with which they will be very familiar.

Each connection between a student and a teacher is unique and based on mutual consent. We highlight the following:

  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to prepare the student for the disciple-master relationship. This must be entered into consciously and through the student making a formal request. But the student needs first to create a strong foundation of study, practice, investigation and contemplation and also to discuss with experienced instructors about the nature of the teachings and what it means to receive this level of spiritual guidance.
  • In the context of the disciple-master relationship, it is perfectly acceptable for both the student and the teacher to make their boundaries known, and for the student to seek clarifications from the teacher, with the support of senior students, or instructors or teachers.