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Welcome to Rigpa UK

We teach meditation courses in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition conducted in a spirit of open enquiry and relevant for those of any spiritual tradition or none.

Additionally, we also offer a diverse and engaging programme to learn about Buddhism in a way that is both completely authentic and fully meets the needs of men and women in modern times.

Our meditation courses are led by experienced instructors. Through them you can learn authentic meditation techniques that can help bring inner development as well as benefit to others – and without necessarily having to think of yourself as a ‘Buddhist’.

At the same time, the teachings can be followed as a life-long path of study and practice.

Meditation in London

Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being, beyond all habitual patterns.

Whether you are new to meditation, or a seasoned practitioner, we offer a variety of ways to explore and deepen your understanding.

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Drop-In Meditation

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Our community of volunteers

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Rigpa offers access to the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist teachings as openly and as widely as possible, to be of service to people everywhere, of any background or faith.

We offer a full public programme which explores authentic meditation practices, methods for cultivating compassion and support for living with illness.

We can apply different aspects of these teachings to our lives in ways that bring inner development and benefit to others - and without necessarily having to think of ourselves as ‘Buddhist’. At the same time, the teachings can be followed as a lifetime path of study and practice.

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What Meditation Really Is

Led by experienced meditators, this course offers a complete introduction to meditation and shows how it can unlock our natural confidence, compassion and creativity.

Students will gain a genuine experience of meditation and all the tools they need to take the benefits into every aspect of their life.

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Cultivating Compassion

In some way we are all suffering—be it from pain, loss, frustration, dissatisfaction, or an unfulfilled desire for happiness.

In the course students are introduced to a complete picture of what compassion is, why it might be beneficial to us and others, and how to train in a more wholesome way of being.

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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

What is Tibetan Buddhism?

After the Buddha passed away over 2,500 years ago, his teachings spread throughout Asia and were established in Tibet in the eighth century.

Buddhism developed in different ways according to the culture of each country, but the essence and core principles of the Buddha’s teachings are the same throughout the world.

In Tibet, 1,200 years of history were devoted almost exclusively to the training of the heart and mind through spiritual practice. While the West gradually mastered the outer world through science and technology, in the laboratories that were the monasteries and hermitages of the Himalayas, Tibet perfected the ‘inner sciences’ of the mind, every bit as precise and rigorous as the methodology of science.

In recent years, these two traditions have come together to yield important research on the benefits of practising meditation and compassion, and to develop ways in which these practical tools can be applied in medicine and psychology, education and other fields

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

Our introductory buddhist course is called "Ancient Widsom for the Modern World". The course offers an introduction to Buddhist ideas and approaches and explores them in a line of open enquiry.

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Cultivating Compassion

One of Rigpa's goals is preserving the wisdom culture of tibet.