Safeguarding & Governance Report

4. Safeguarding for the engagement of teachers and courses and events in the UK

4.1 The directors/Trustees of each individual Rigpa entity, worldwide, must decide, based on their own internal governance arrangements and applicable legal/regulatory regime, whether or not they can allow an individual to teach in their organisation.

4.2 In relation to Patrick Gaffney teaching within Rigpa UK, please see our previous press statement of 4 June 2020 .  We note, in addition, that Patrick Gaffney does not and will not hold a governance position in any Rigpa entity worldwide and has agreed to comply with Rigpa’s shared code of conduct and specific safeguarding procedures, applicable in each legal jurisdiction.

4.3 The Trustees will not allow anyone to teach in the UK without first carrying out a risk assessment in accordance with Rigpa’s safeguarding policies in the UK; providing a safe environment in Rigpa UK remains of paramount importance to the Trustees.

4.4 For completeness, Rigpa UK will not support or work with any other organization without undertaking its own independent risk assessment and ensuring appropriate contractual safeguards are in place in compliance with its safeguarding policies and its legal and regulatory duties.