Safeguarding & Governance Report

2. Findings of the Lewis Silkin LLP Independent Investigation

The findings and recommendations of the Lewis Silkin Report were published in September 2018 and are accepted by the current Rigpa UK Trustees. For openness and transparency, Rigpa entities worldwide made the Lewis Silkin Report available publicly on their websites.  

Shortly after the publication of the Lewis Silkin Report, the Charity Commission for England and Wales opened an inquiry into governance and safeguarding practices at Rigpa UK on 8 November 2018.

This provided the catalyst for a thorough and comprehensive governance and safeguarding review.  We found that there were not sufficient safeguarding and governance measures in place to adequately protect students, and those involved with Rigpa UK, against abuse or the risk of abuse.

On behalf of Rigpa UK, the Trustees acknowledge and sincerely apologise for the hurt and pain of the eight complainant students, and others who have since come forward to raise safeguarding concerns, and for the insufficient safeguarding measures in place in the charity at the time. 

We wish to re-affirm, on behalf of the charity, that we are resolved to ensure that the safety and well being of our students and anyone involved with Rigpa UK is paramount in our organisation.