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Sangha Monthly Gathering


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Sangha Monthly Gathering

Open to Rigpa UK Sangha only
(Please note dates & times may vary according to location)

The Monthly Gatherings at local Rigpa centres are an important part of the All-Encompassing Path, because this is where the key and most profound teachings are being studied by the whole Sangha.

This is also where we connect with other Sangha members and receive support and guidance from instructors. Developing compassion and wisdom as a community and learning how to help each other as spiritual friends is a crucial element of this Path.

Another important aspect of the Monthly Gatherings is giving feedback on the teachings and the way they are being presented. One of the aspirations behind the All-Encompassing Path to Enlightenment is to find a way to practice and study that works for everyone in the Sangha. Everything is flexible and workable, and designed according to feedback. So, if something is not working at any level, let us know and we will change it!

Upcoming London dates for your diary from approx 10am to 1pm  (please check Sangha emails for the exact times) as follows:

  • Saturday 9th November
  • Saturday 7th December
  • Saturday 11th January
  • Sat 8th February
  • Sat 14th March
  • Sat 4th April
  • Sat 9th May
  • Sat 13th June
  • Sat 11th July