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London Mahayana Weekend with Andy Karr



There are two ways of seeing every thing,
The perfect way and the false way,
So each and every thing that can ever be found
Holds two natures within.

And what does perfect seeing see?
It sees the suchness of all things.
And false seeing sees the relative truth—
This is what the perfect Buddha said.

— Chandrakirti

From perfect seeing comes perfect liberation, and perfect seeing comes from studying the profound teachings, contemplating their meaning, and meditating with the understanding that comes from study and contemplation. During this weekend program we will take an experiential journey together through the main Mahayana teachings on the view. We will discuss them, contemplate short texts, and meditate together, so that we can get glimpses of this other way of seeing.

13th & 14th April 2019 – Save the date

More information to follow

London Mahayana Weekend with Andy Karr

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