Easter Retreat 2018 - Rigpa UK

Easter Retreat 2018


Easter Retreat 2018 

Transforming Everything into the Path

Open to Rigpa Mandala students only

Rigpa UK warmly invites you to our annual national retreat which this year will be held at the UK Centre in London.

During this retreat, we’ll be exploring The Seven Points of Training the Mind, one of the best-known texts on Lojong. The text, founded on both absolute and relative Bodhicitta, on wisdom and compassion, contains 59 radical slogans designed to challenge and transform our habits.

These teaching encourage us to reverse our habitual responses, by making friends with things we usually reject and letting go of the things we normally cherish. They show us how to take all of our life experiences – pleasant and unpleasant, joyful and painful – on to the path to awakening.

We’ll be exploring this text alongside a selection of teachings, that have been given by masters who have taught Lojong to the sangha. Guided by UK and international instructors, the retreat will focus on the practices which are at the heart of The Seven Points of Training the Mind.

  • Meditation – basic sitting practice.
  • The practice of Tonglen – giving and receiving on the medium of the breath.
  • Studying and reflecting on the slogans

In addition, there will a particular focus on the Unifying Practice.

The retreat will be an opportunity for us as a sangha to come together as a community through practicing together, group discussion, dialogue and sharing.


Practical information

The schedule will be confirmed as soon as possible. The retreat will be held by national and international Rigpa presenters.

Accommodation suggestions

We recommend Journeys King’s Cross Hostel at 54-58 Caledonian Rd, very near to Kings Cross station.

Our sangha members also suggested:
Pax Lodge – Olave Centre
12c Lyndhurst Road
London NW3 5PQ – 02074352202

You can always check Airbnb: www.airbnb.co.uk 

Ideally, you can book with others to bring the cost down. With Airbnb it’s best to book at the end of the underground lines from Kings Cross tube station, where you can find prices from £17 per night. Bear in mind the overground is usually disrupted on weekends.

Please check the best travel roots in advance, either on an app called City Mapper or using the TFL Journey Planner.

Easter Retreat 2018

*PLEASE NOTE: The concession fee for this event is £75 and it applies to pensioners, students (university, school, etc), unemployed and those living on benefits. If you are a pensioner or a student, please book online below.

If you are unemployed or living on benefits, please send an email to enquiries@rigpa.org.uk requesting concession fee sending proof of status. Bear in mind Rigpa has a policy of not turning anyone away due to financial reasons.  

It is only possible to book and pay for one person at a time. If you are booking for additional participants, please do one each time and add their details, not yours. We will have a list of participants at the door. 

Event Fee(s)
£ 150.00
£ 75.00
£ 75.00
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