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Maybe most of us would like to be kinder, gentler and more loving both to others and to ourselves. This is a great basis for wanting to find out more about what compassion is, and for learning how to cultivate it in our own lives.

In compassion we can find much common ground with others, through acknowledging the suffering and frustration that are all part of our human life and the good news is that whatever circumstances we encounter we are never powerless in the face of suffering.

Course overview

In these five weeks we will look together at the ways we experience things, react to circumstances and explore how we might begin to transform things. In this way, our lives change and this even affects the lives of those around us.

In this next module we will focus on the practice of Tonglen. Tonglen is translated as a practice of ‘giving and receiving’.

We will also introduce some writings on compassion from contemporary scientific thinkers, and look at compassion from a Buddhist perspective. You are invited to bring your ideas, your questions and answers to this creative process.

We have seen that a group of us focusing and mulling over these important subjects of happiness, compassion and gentleness is both inspiring and fruitful and sometimes even surprising!

Everyone is welcome. The fee includes all sessions of this 5-week course, starting on Thursday 2nd May  from 7pm -9pm.

***Please note it is only possible to join this course in the first two sessions***

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