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What Meditation Really Is – Module 3


What Meditation Really Is – Module 3

Open to everyone. Live streaming option available. 

Schedule: This course runs for 5 weeks, Thursday evenings, 7-9pm. Suggested donation £25.


Dropping the Method

Settling the mind with the help of an object of support is just the beginning of the path of meditation. Using an object such as watching the breath helps our mind to settle and arrive in the state of non distraction.

When we arrive at that point, we no longer need any support. We find that we can drop the method of using an object in meditation entirely and yet still remain undistracted, grounded and aware.

This module shows us how to drop the method of meditation without losing the essence of the practice. We stay aware of everything that passes through the mind while remaining open and present, neither following nor blocking thoughts and emotions.

We can do this practice whatever we are doing: working, travelling, eating or relaxing. Instead of getting distracted by or fixated on our activity, we stay present and aware.

Essentially, we are learning how to preserve our peace and sanity and remain productive and effective in a demanding and stressful world.

It is only possible to join this course in the first two sessions.

What Meditation Really Is - Module 3 (April 2018)

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