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Mindfulness and Awareness: The Path of Meditation


7- 8.30pm on Thursdays from 16th Jan to 26th Mar 2019  (week’s break on 20th Feb)

From 6.30-7pm, join us for a cup of tea/coffee  

This practice-based course emphasises the two essential elements of meditation: mindfulness and awareness. It is designed for those new to meditation and may be particularly helpful for those with some mindfulness or meditation practice who wish to go deeper into it.

Led by meditation instructors with many years of experience, the course will draw on wisdom and insights from the Buddhist teachings as well as findings from recent scientific research. Each session consists of meditation practice, reflection and discussion and includes a comprehensive workbook and guided audio meditations to support your practice at home.

Course  overview:

Week 1:  Getting to know your own mind
Week 2 :  Mind in comfort and ease
Week 3:  Spaciousness
Week 4 :  Stress, optimism and space
Week 5 :  Bringing it all together
No class on 20th February
Week 6:   The practice of calm-abiding
Week 7:   Allowing our mind to settle
Week 8:    Mindfulness: bare attention 
Week 9:    Awareness: simply watching
Week 10:  Integrating meditation into daily life

*If you’d like to join the course after week 3 please call the office between 10 and 5pm to book.*


Mindfulness and Awareness: The Path of Meditation

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